Monday, September 5, 2011

Sink In, Will You?

I haven't blogged in ages and here I am in front of my laptop, a week away from leaving the country. There's no way I can give a detailed update on what's been happening in my life, so much is too private to be said here. I'm sorry I haven't blogged more, haven't shared more, sorry if I've been selfish with the goings on in my life.

To say that nothing much has happened since I last wrote would be faaaarr from the truth. I went to the States back in May, to Dallas and New York City specifically. Yes, New York City. How on earth could I have not blogged about that, you ask? Well actually I did kinda promise myself that I would blog about it, but alas, I didn't. Its too late for a detailed account of my trip now, partly because its old news, mostly because I don't remember every detail of it anymore. The highlights of my trip can be seen from the pictures I uploaded on Facebook - Central Park, Wicked on Broadway, Times Square, Trump Tower, Columbia University, The Statue of Liberty and Fashion Avenue. Its impossible to come to NYC and not fall in love - the city is overflowing with optimism, competition and achievement - traits that I've never found in any of the cities I've visited so far. I seriously wish to go back there someday, to further my studies, to work, and maybe to live. I am truly blessed, Alhamdulillah :)

I'll be leaving for the UK next Monday, the 12th of September. My parents will be accompanying me, and we'll be visiting London first before heading to Liverpool on the 17th. I still haven't packed a thing yet, I think I'm delaying it as much as possible because I still don't wanna feel like I'm actually leaving. This time in two weeks I'll be in Liverpool already, and I can't imagine living alone in a foreign country. I won't even turn 20 in this country! Its quite hard to believe, actually. I wonder when the feeling will sink in.

Oh yes, Selamat Hari Raya everyone! This Raya has been less joyful than previous ones, we didn't even take any family photos. But Raya's still Raya, so I hope everyone else's was fantastic :)

Seeing that I'll be leaving our Land of Glorious Food really really soon, I'm gonna make my dad bring me to makan all my favourite foods this week. I shall end this blog post with pictures of some of my favourite foods that I'm currently craving, and MUST have before I leave - start salivating, people!

Pavilion foodcourt's Teppanyaki! The best EVER! :D

Mali's Char Kuey Teow! Famous for a VERY good reason!

And of course, its a sin if you don't recognize this! Cozy House's Chicken Chop with Gravy! *drools* :D

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