Monday, October 25, 2010

I Got Slushied.

Its official. Glee is my second favourite show ever, after One Tree Hill. I've seen the first four episodes of Season 2 (same as the US) and they're really great. The third episode - Grilled Cheesus - was particularly good, its message was deep and I give full credit to the producers for their courage in portraying such a controversial subject on primetime television.

This season is a lot more steamier and explicit, though I don't pay much attention to that, I think that people should be matured enough to tell between what's right and what's wrong, and besides its a Western show, what do you expect? Watch it for the good music. The Britney episode was epic, it was better than the Madonna one in my opinion. Heather Morris is one hell of a dancer!

The best part about the season so far is the addition of Sam Evans, a new member of the Glee club who seemed to have something going on with Kurt but now looks like he's into Quinn. If you haven't seen him, GO CHECK HIM OUT. Yes yes, he does have a Beiber look about him, but he's macho-er, his hair is not as smooth, and most importantly, he sounds way better. Before he came along, the only good-looking guy on the show to me was Will Schuester (whose looks is a combination between Orlando Bloom, Patrick Dempsey and Ryan Seacrest). I'm so happy that there's finally someone else worth looking at!

I also think that Sue Sylvester has some of the best lines in the show. She's so witty and never fails to crack me up. The screenwriters did an amazing job with her, and I love it that there's always two sides to her character. The way she treats her sister who has Down's Syndrome is wonderful to see.

Emma Pillsbury is also a favourite of mine. Her ultra-cute puppy dog eyes, OCD and vintage outfits are refreshing, its no surprise that Will is so in love with her. Its quite sad to see him pining over her in this season though. I've always sympathized with characters whose love is not returned, maybe because I understand the feeling so well. The rest of the characters are good too (particularly Artie and Mercedes), with the exception of Rachel. She's really pretty and talented and all, but she annoys me like hell (which is what the producers probably set out to do), so again, they should be congratulated for doing such a good job.

Its nice to have a new show to follow after One Tree Hill got boring since Luke and Peyton left. To those who haven't seen Season 2 yet, beg borrow or steal, because you really must watch it!

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