Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Loneliness clarifies.

The two words above struck me the most whilst studying this poet called Philip Larkin. I found it to be so very accurate. I do know of some people who cannot stand being alone..literally. They must have at least a few (preferably a whole crowd) of people around them all the time. They cannot bear doing the most mundane tasks such as having lunch or even walking alone. I find that weird because I enjoy my own company a lot. I feel like I can be myself when I'm alone, and I don't have to say or act in a way that would please others, and this statement by Larkin, that loneliness is actually clarifying, really moved me. Its as if he's saying that the absence of company also means the lowering of expectations, the lightening of burdens, that the path is clear for one to find one's self without any pressures or influences. And finding yourself brings you a step closer towards finding the meaning of life itself, a theme that is recurring in a lot of Larkin's poems.

Here is unfenced existence:
Facing the sun, untalkative, out of reach.

This clarifying loneliness then allows one to find that place where we can have an unrestricted, free existence. Unfenced existence. Do you see the beauty in that phrase? It is what a lot of us only dream of, but can never attain. Out of reach. Because the reality is, we all live within constraints. We are never completely free from the rigidity, the restrictions, the ropes that hold us back, due to the fact that we live within a society and whatever we do affects others in some way or the other.

That's why, loneliness clarifies.

Mr. Larkin, you're not too bad after all.

p/s: In case you're wondering why this post is so..profound, I'm actually practicing for my Unit 4 Literature coursework :)

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