Monday, August 16, 2010


My semester break has reached it's second week and I still haven't done anything worth mentioning yet. My Lit Unit 2 coursework question is still staring at me from my netbook screen, and the truckloads of Statistics and C4 homework is still untouched. Its official. I SUCK.

To make matters worse, our A-Level second semester exam results will be out this Wednesday. I can't describe how I feel about it, I'm incredibly nervous and excited at the same time! It's SO BLOODY SCARY.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to realize that I care about someone way more than I should. Actually, I've realized that quite some time ago. What do I do about it? I honestly have no idea. But I guess the best thing to do is to just leave things the way they are. I've been down this road before, and I wasn't greeted with a happy ending when I reached the destination. I just hope that letting things remain the way they are would not hurt me more than if I actually did something about how I feel. Because if that's the case, then I am definitely screwed.

Ramadhan is now well underway and I hope fasting's been good to all of you out there. Lets make the best out of this holy month by counting our blessings and keeping in mind those who are not so fortunate, like the people in Gaza and also the flood victims in Pakistan. May Allah grant all of you faith, dignity and strength to get through it all.

As for us lucky ones over here, lets go through this Ramadhan with moderation and humility. May God bless us all, take care :)

Now, if only I could write this much for my coursework..

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