Monday, May 3, 2010

Lean On Me

I have lost the will to blog lately. Maybe because I don't think words can really describe all that I'm feeling at the moment. That is ironic coming from me, someone who loves words and how they can form something so accurate and meaningful. But I'm gonna try, from now on, to post up something at least once a month.

So its May already. My exams are coming in about a three weeks, my first paper being Core Mathematics 1, which I am re-taking due to my mangkuk-ness (I got a B for it during the January exams. FML). I'm truly nervous for the exams. I have 8 papers to sit for, all stretched out in the course of 1 whole month. The success of my UCAS application depends on this exam, all the more reason why I simply have to do well. More than anything, I want to fulfill my dream of getting into University College London for my Law degree. Everything else can come later.

Lately, I really feel like doing Political Science or International Relations for my degree. Mind you, I have no ambitions whatsoever of being a politician or anything like that, I don't think I have what it takes. But I just love the study of it, learning about systems of government, democracy, communism, capitalism, elections, parliament and all that stuff. I've always been interested in international issues, and I think PoliSci or IR would suit me perfectly. But alas, my mum thinks that there aren't enough career opportunities in Malaysia for a PoliSci or IR graduate (unless I want to work with the government, or be a lecturer, neither of which I intend to do). Therefore I'm sticking to Law. Not that its bad or anything, I'm interested in Law too, its just that if I could do my heart's desire, it would either be PoliSci, IR or even English Literature.

Speaking of Lit, we have finally submitted our much dreaded coursework to the department on the 26th of April. Now, its all up to Ms.Caroline to grade us, and the will of God to pay off all the hard work we've put into it. I'm hoping against hope that I get a B at least, as re-taking it next semester together with Unit 3 and 4 might probably kill me. Literally.

I've noticed that lately, much to my dismay, the appeal of someone with intelligence and maturity has been taken over by mindless and bimbo-ish people who seem to sail through life based on what (little) they wear and bodies they have. I might sound bitter, but thats a fact. People nowadays, especially boys, can't seem to AT ALL look beyond a girl's appearance. They have completely lost the ability to see with their minds and not with their eyes. Maybe thats because they lack brains themselves. Yeah, that must be the reason. How else can you explain it?

Maybe I'm being unfair towards the male species here. There are some girls that I know who seek nothing else in boys except for their looks, what they wear, what car they drive and whether or not they have six-pack abs that will put Taylor Lautner to shame. Perhaps this is the effect that television and Hollywood has had on youths nowadays. Your heart and mind doesn't matter anymore. As long as you show some skin, socialize a lot, act all stupid to attract attention, and you're good to go.

The most baffling thing is, other people actually have the patience with girls/guys who are like that. Or maybe they actually do think its 'cute' and they actually 'like' it. Oh well, I guess I'll never be able to have that kind of tolerance. I admit that I am quite a serious person and I can't stand ignorance or plain stupidity. Its true that common sense is not so common anymore. Sigh.

I guess that's enough rantings for one post. Till next time, take care!

My latest indulgence :)

Even Obama, my idol, reads it! Hehe!

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