Monday, March 8, 2010

Holes and Cracks

Its March already! Time seems to move faster than ever nowadays. And have you noticed how hot the weather is these days? I wonder how long this heat is gonna last, its getting quite unbearable actually.

So life has The semester is getting busier and busier each day, sometimes I cannot believe the amount of work I have to do, and even harder to imagine is how on earth am I gonna be able to do this. A warning to all you post-SPM people out there, A-Levels is NOT for the faint-hearted. Be warned.

HELP University College Model United Nations Conference is coming up at the end of this month, from the 26th - 28th of March. My days have been occupied with making placards, which is a very tiresome job indeed. And next comes the nametags, lanyards, gavels, food, trophies, certificates..and the list goes on. I just hope everything goes well in the end or all the hard work put in by the Secretariat would be in vain.

Been watching American Idol and I do agree with a lot of people that the talent isn't so WOW this year. Maybe they're all mourning the fact that its Simon's last season. Despite my constant irritation with the dude, I admit that I will miss his weird but hilarious comments on the contestants' performances. The guy sure has been to A LOT of weddings, theme parks, funerals and cruise ships.

Literature is probably the hardest subject I have, but class has never been more interesting. Ms. Sunita really comes up with thought-provoking ideas and comments that are just refreshing compared to the other more fact-based classes. That being said, I think coursework will start killing me soon. Sigh. Today's lesson was particularly interesting as we were talking about men and women and how differently they view things like love, relationships and sex (we were studying Shakespeare, so go figure). It was interesting as I have always believed how different it is for both genders, you know. Sometimes I think about what I look for in a guy and what the guys around me look for in a girl and I'm absolutely convinced that I will never get married. Which is not a bad thing, really.

Now this is getting too personal. But lets just say the events that led towards my last emotional post has convinced me even more that I would be better off without ever having another half in my life. You should never need someone else to make you feel whole, anyway. That's not how God made you to be. That's all just pure crap.

Now I sound like a typical tragic tortured teen with issues. Hmm, but so what if I am?

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