Friday, January 1, 2010

She Lives!

*blows off dust*

*cough cough sneeze sneeze*

Yes, citizens of the Earth. I'm alive. And blogging.

*scrolls down*

My last post was in...August. So its been like, 4 months since I blogged. Why the extremely long silence you ask? Well...I guess I've just discovered that I'm an extremely private person. Come to think of it, there is not a single person who truly knows what's going on inside of me. I'm not one of those teenagers who have a huge group of friends who will come to her rescue when anything goes wrong. Most of the time, I keep what I feel to myself. Of course, there are one or two people I feel comfortable in confiding in, but even then, I don't tell them everything. I guess I take after my mom when it comes to this particular behaviour, she never had any 'best friends', nor did she ever find the need to confide or be consoled. She never had a boyfriend until she started working. Now that she's married, I think my dad is her only friend, and therefore her best friend. But I guess that's why I admire her so much. Despite all of what I've said above, today she is the most successful, accomplished woman I know, in almost every aspect. Her lack of 'social life' did not prevent her from being the intelligent, wise, knowledgeable person that she is now. I can talk to her about (almost) anything. I guess that's the kind of woman I hope to be someday. Independent, strong-willed, self-reliant and self-trusting.

So the New Year has arrived. As usual, people left, right and centre are coming up with their resolutions. Though I don't really believe in the point of wanting to 'better' yourself only at the beginning of the year, I guess its better than nothing, right? All I know is that in 2009, I learnt to trust myself more. To not need people too much. Though I tend to contradict myself when it comes to this (because everyone knows I do get a bit needy at times), I think I've improved significantly. And that makes me happy. :)

So what will 2010 hold for me? There is a bunch of stuff that I'm quite excited about, so I'll just list them out, shall I?

1. My first A-Level external exam. I know this isn't something that people would normally get excited about, but I'm trying to motivate myself here people! I have only four papers to sit for this January (thank God), and they are Core Mathematics 1 and 2 on the 11th, Economics Unit 1 on the 13th and English Literature Unit 1 on the 18th. Then my second semester commences on the 2nd of February. Naturally, Lit is freaking me out the most, and what makes it worse is that I don't really know how to study for that subject. Let's just hope I don't screw it up because I DO NOT want to re-sit it in June. So fingers crossed :)

2. Nanyang Technological University Model United Nations (NTUMUN) 2010. Yes people, I'm off to Singapore for my first ever international MUN! Its the first international event that I've ever participated in actually, and I'm super excited and ultra nervous at the same time. To those who have no idea what MUN is, you can check it out at the website if you want: It will also be the first time I'll be travelling anywhere without my parents (though I have my trusted fellow UN Club friends, Shin Hye and resident MUN expert James Yap with me) and I'm definitely ecstatic about it. Huhu. The conference is on the 5th-7th of February, and I've been assigned to the General Assembly as the Delegate of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Its scary, I know, and I can just imagine all those walking breathing CNNs who will be there, but I'm still excited nonetheless :)

3. HELP University College Model United Nations Conference (HELPMUNC) 2010. Hehe I'm gonna use this opportunity to promote HELP's own MUN Conference, which will be held on the 26th - 28th of March. I participated as the Delegate of South Africa for DISEC last year and this year, I'm on the Organizing Committee! Hehe. I'm the Deputy Secretary-General for Conference Services (DSG-CS) and James is already breathing down my neck reminding me of all the shitload of work that I have to do. But I'm not complaining, I applied for the position and I actually discovered that I like organizing events. All thanks to my beloved UN Club :) My college life would be seriously dry without it. So I hope to see tonnes of you as delegates at HELPMUNC 2010!

4. World Cup! OMG how can you not get excited about this? It only comes around once every four years people! And there's nothing like watching young (and in some cases, hot) men give their hearts and souls to a game, in the name of their beloved country and its people. A huge reason why I love watching sports is that sportsmanship, spirit, endurance and dedication these athletes give to honour their respective games, teams and countries. I'm rooting for Spain and Germany, though I will always have a soft spot for Brazil and England. And Kaka. And Fabregas. Hehe. See you guys this summer! Can't wait! :D

5. My second semester at HELP. Gosh, I can't believe I'll be starting my 2nd semester already. One more semester and I'll be done with my A-Levels. But this semester will be a tough one though, since it is comparatively shorter and the workload is getting heavier. I'll have my dreaded Law exams in June, and two of the most difficult units for Econs. Lit isn't gonna be a walk in the park either (as if it ever was, lol), but as least we'll be studying a novel I'm very very familiar with, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. This is one of my ultimate favourite books ever, and I hope Ms. Sunitha will make studying it even more lovely :D So buckle up Aira, semester two is gonna be one hell of a ride.

6. Oh yeah. I also have to (finally) completely get over a certain someone who has been lingering at the back of my mind for over a year without me realizing it. I have to let it go. Though I have no idea how on earth our relationship can be like how it was before, that's not the point. The point is, he made it final a long time ago. I've gotta stop living in denial or hope or longing or whatever the hell it is. I gotta grow the hell up and be that independent woman I hope to be.

I hope this (kinda) long post makes up for all those months I've been away from blogging. Lol, as if there was anyone who missed my ramblings. Perasan betul. Haha. Anyhow, I wish all of you a blessed, happy and safe 2010!!

p/s: I'll try and blog more this year. Promise. Hehe.



Richard said...

Happee new year, Aira!
May ur days be bright with new hopes and ur heart be happee always.
wow, u got so many resolutions, hope it would come true soon.
good luck in ur exam also.
hey, u got me as fren oso k. don forget me lo.

p/s: jus comment a little bit since i accidentally read ur blog.


Aira Nur Ariana said...

hey thanks richard! you're too kind :D take care and have a great year ya!