Thursday, May 7, 2009

What Malaysians Want

Today I would like to move away a little bit from my usual rantings about my own life, and instead share with all of you something that is, in my opinion, more important. Something that affects us all and represents everything that we want as citizens of this nation.

Its not originally written by me btw, I think those of you who read the newspapers lately, you would have spotted this full page ad by Anas Zubedy. I think it perfectly represents what I, and many other Malaysians truly want and hope for from the leaders and fellow citizens of Malaysia.

What Malaysians Want: A Social Contract

We want a Social Contract that ...

I) Sees wrong as wrong and right as right, no matter who did it.

II) No individual or community is left behind regardless of race or geography.

III) We work towards zero poverty – it’s superfluous to have skyscrapers and state of the art structures when there are Malaysians who do not have a place to call home.

IV) Recognizes the Malay and indigenous customs form the core culture while the Chinese, Indian and other cultures play strong supportive roles to make our nation a unique and exciting brand.

V) All Malaysian children receive a first rate education, every child is supported and encouraged to achieve his or her maximum potential.

VI) Encourages us to practice sustainable development without corruption.

VII) Allows us learn and appreciate our own religion while at the same time encourages us to understand the religions practiced by our fellow Malaysians.

VIII) We help each other in business and transfer knowledge and skills from one community to another.

IX) Treats non-Malaysians serving in our nation, Bangladeshis or Europeans; with equality, respect and dignity.

X) Does not introduce racism and division to our children at school or at home.

XI) We provide adequate health care for all.

XII) We look at our constitution as a whole and not pick and choose out of context to suit an argument.

XIII) Do unto your Malaysian brothers and sisters as you would like them do unto you.

XIV) Acknowledges that we are Many Colors, but One Race, Bangsa Malaysia.

There's lots more where this came from:

The above is the fourth of the “What Malaysians Want " series advertisements. The previous ones were:

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Full credits to Anas Zubedy -

To my dearest friends, to those who read my blog, youth of today, take some time to read these articles, read, understand and think about it. I really feel that Anas Zubedy is someone who truly loves his country, because all he wants is the best for all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion, creed or colour. Truly inspiring :):)


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thanks, best friend. glad to know that this post didn't go unnoticed :)

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Most welcome.Haha,well I do believe that we,especially our peers, should open our eyes more often to these sort of issues. Unfortunately,I don't think we're there yet XP

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yeah u are so right. unfortunately. hahah.