Monday, May 4, 2009


At last, the much-anticipated UPU results are finally out.

And I will be the one of many, many others who will share my results with the world through blogging. Haha.

Alhamdulillah, I got my first choice, Asasi Undang-Undang Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia :)

I was so happy and relieved they didn't offer me Asasi Sains Hayat UM, which was my last choice. Very very thankful I got my first choice. Tak ramai yang dapat.

I'm actually conflicted now. I still want to go overseas, and since I didn't qualify for the next round of interviews for the SC scholarship (I know, I cried over that already. But I figured, maybe Allah has other plans for me), my only hope is JPA. IF, lets say, I don't get JPA, my mom gave me two options. Either I go to UIA, with no hope of going overseas for my degree, or go to HELP University College for A-Levels, self-funded by her and my dad.

HELP is expensive. Very expensive. But my mom said, if I really want to go, she can afford to pay for it. But I must get a scholarship for degree, because she cannot afford to send me overseas for degree. Kenapa la UM ni bodoh sangat tak accept A-Levels for their Law degree? Accept STPM je. Bodoh tak. That puts me on more pressure, because I thought if I tak dapat scholarship for degree after my A-Levels at HELP, boleh la pegi UM. But noooooo. UM accept STPM jerr. Stupid.

So sambil tunggu results JPA ni (waiting is agony, btw), I'm sending an application to HELP. Please God, let me have that JPA scholarship, please. Send me to a residential college, please. I don't want to burden my parents but I still want to go overseas.

I need you, JPA! Insyaallah dapat. Please. Amiinn :)


.w a n e e. said...

a tough choice for u aira.think wisely!

Aira Nur Ariana said...

yep, tough choice. byk doa jela. haha. thanks wanee :)

fiqss said...

hey, gluck on jpa alryt :)

but u know what, u COULD still graduate from matrix uia and go to overseas; i had a friend that did dat. its called transfer credit or sumthing, but it aint that easy to get that scholarship kot.

he took law at matrix uia and now hes in cardiff :)

upu bila masuk?

Puteri Sepi said...


buat istikarah,ok ;)

btw, i got my first choice too!

UiTM accountancy.. ngeee :D

Zara Affifah said...

A levels Help tak boleh mintak scholarship or loan ke?

Kalau betul tak nak burdenkan uncle/auntie su, amekla loan MARA, kalau dpt CGPA 3.5 and above tak payah bayar balik, convert jadi scholarship.
kalau kurang frm 3.5 pun, ade rebate, ikut pointer.

tp yg aku tau, Taylors pny pre-u, mmg selffund.

Aira Nur Ariana said...

k.fiqa: thanks, i need all the luck i can get! really? u can grad frm asasi uia and go abroad? wow thats great :) upu register by 24th may..

syiqa: thanks, and congrats+all the best!

fifi: ouhh ok, thanks for the info, tgk la dulu camne :)