Friday, April 10, 2009


Alhamdulillah :):):)

I just received a call from the Securities Commission just now saying that I have been shortlisted for their scholarship award! Which means I have to go for their interview next Tuesday, the 14th. I almost couldn't believe it, I almost lost all hope of being shortlisted since they contacted me after about 2 weeks upon receiving my application. I really thought I didn't get it. But God is great. And I'm really happy.

But scared at the same time. Since I didn't do really well for my JPA interview. This SC interview should be harder since its individual (yikes!), they have higher standards, their scholarships are limited, and they are an actual company, thus I should have a sound knowledge on their company background, what they do, their vision and get the picture. And its not easy understanding all that either, since they're basically a corporate financial company, most of the stuff on their website is financial jargon that I don't really get. Oh great. Woopee. I hope I find something decent to wear too.

Please please please I really want this scholarship because its a guarantee that I will get into KYUEM and to the UK. Lets not think of being bonded to them right now. I just want to get into KYUEM. I need this. Try not to mess this up Aira, please? :)


.w a n e e. said...

woah congrats aira!

sofia said...

gd luck for the interview nnt :D

sarah said...

aira!! congrates!!
u sure will get it..
i'll pray for u!

Aira Nur Ariana said...

waaahh thank u so much guys!! :):)