Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tagged By Fifi

Three Things That I Love :
1. Books
2. Literature
3. Petrosains

Three People Who Make Me Laugh :
1. Dan (rindu kat dia)
2. My Dad
3. Simon Cowell

Three Things I Hate :
1. People misspelling my name.
2. People asking me why I'm not planning to do medic.
3. Drama Melayu.

Three Things I Don't Understand :
1. Why people seem to hate Matt Giraud. I think he's great.
2. Why is the economic crisis affecting Petronas.
3. Why everyone in Petrosains thinks I look older than my age.

Three Things I'm Doing Right Now :
1. Doing this thing. Like, duhh.
2. Chatting with Ili on Facebook.
3. Teaching my bro some complicated Maths problem. Actually its not complicated. My brain's just got rusty due to lack of use.

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. Meet the guy of my dreams, fall in love with him, get married and have wonderful kids.
2. Beribadat sebanyak yang mungkin.
3. Achieve my goals and make my parents proud.

Three Things I Can Do :
1. Buat Safety Briefing for group visits dekat Lobby. Bangga owh. :)
2. Read Harry Potter and Dan Brown's books over and over again.
3. Wear a tudung properly when I have to.

Three ways To Describe My Personality :
1. Ambitious
2. Over-analyzer
3. Thrifty

Three Things I Can't Do :
1. Play sports. I mean, any kind of sport. At all. I'm hopeless when it comes to sports.
2. Play any type of musical instrument. I really wish I could though.
3. Look at videos of myself.

People to tag:
1. Belle
2. Sarah
3. Wanee


.w a n e e. said...

u tagged me?

| AiNaa K | said...

aira..award for u..
check out my blog! :))

Zara Affifah said...

bukan ke dulu kau main netball dgn hockey?

Aira Nur Ariana said...

weyy tu time skola rendah tgh bodoh2 main antara rumah laa weyy. HAHA

fiqss said...

eyh, just realized u linked me, i'll link u too k?=)

n nway, i dont think ppl hate matt g, its just that ppl adore the other contestants more..kot? hehe

Aira Nur Ariana said...

hey thanks k.fiqa! :)

yeah, maybe. hehe. still sad dia kluar. xpe2 asal bkn adam! :)