Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hot Stuff

Look! Its the Jonas Brothers' new album cover! Its super GORGEOUS! I can't wait! :):)

Okay, calm down now. Its coming out laaame lagi, June 15th. Dahla they're not including Malaysia in their World Tour. Now I feel even more resentment at being born in this country. Hmmph.

As for my SC "assessment" that day, it turned out to be one of those case study things, where they give you each a situation, then provide you half an hour to brainstorm, then you go into the panel of interviewers alone and present it for about 10 minutes. After all of us were done, (there were seven people in my group), we moved to the meeting room, and were given 40 minutes to discuss with our group members about the case given to us. We were then required to give a conclusion and solution to the problem. The panel was not bad, they didn't say anything at all actually, they just observed and reminded us how much time we had left. All in all, I can just say that I think I did my best, but I don't know if its enough since everyone in my group was good. And these SC scholarships are really limited too. So..fingers crossed, all I can do is pray.

And now I know that breaking someone's heart is not easy. Especially if you don't actually dislike that person. You love that person's company, he/she is a good friend, he/she is caring and makes you laugh. But life is cruel. When you love someone, with all your heart, sometimes they just don't love you back the way you want them to.

I should know.

That's why it was so hard for me to do it. But I had to, or I would risk hurting him even more.

And you know I'm not good with risks. I'd rather play safe. Matters of the heart is not worth any risk. None at all.

I'm sorry.

You deserve so much better. You are an amazing person and anyone would be so lucky to get someone like you. You will find that person. Or rather, that person will find you.

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