Friday, February 6, 2009


Look! I made it all by myself! Huhu. But its a pity this blogspot shrinks the picture, its actually really big and nice and its my desktop wallpaper. Huhu. Thanks to my brother who downloaded this photo-editting software thingy. My OTH mania has returned, since my best friend Belle has FINALLY seen sense and tried watching OTH herself, and guess what, she loves it! At last, someone I can talk about OTH to! She currently has the 3rd season dvd with her which I badly want to see, a big reason being because I think that Lucas looked his best during that season. No words can describe how perfect he is, rescuing Peyton during the school shooting and everything, huhuhu. Oh and season 3, I think, has the best episode ever in OTH, yes, that school shooting episode. Brilliantly shot and scripted, it was an episode that truly depicts the harshness of American high school life and how all of them had to pay the price for their own behaviour in the end. And of course, it was also the episode of the senseless murder of Keith Scott in the hands of his own a**hole of a brother, Dan Scott. No wonder that episode is the highest rated among all OTH episodes so far.

I also just read some good and bad news regarding OTH at this Chad Michael Murray fansite. The good news is, the CW has granted permission for OTH to return for its 7th season. But here's the bad news. The REALLY bad news. It says that Chad won't be returning!! *huge gasp*. When I read it I was like "whaaaddaaafaaaaaakk?!?!" How can you have OTH without its main title character?? Hello! Lucas is the main character in OTH, even main-er than Nathan! You might as well cancel the show altogether! End it at season 6! I mean, if Lucas is gone, who's gonna deliver all those beautiful voiceovers and quotes at the beginning and end of each episode?? That's his trademark! Apparently it says there that Chad wants to leave OTH to pursue other things and do movies. Cmon Chad, can't you do movies and OTH at the same time? OTH was the show that made you! It made you into a beloved star! You can't leave the show! I REFUSE to believe it!

*takes a deep breath*

Its NOT true. It can't be. Because if it is, I might just DIE of grief. My beloved show in the entire universe would be dead without my favourite character. No. No. Its not true Aira. Its okay. Just breathe. Breathe!

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