Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Whole Lot of Issues

Its been 2 weeks since my last post, the long absence is due to reasons I will explain later in this post.

Firstly, I don't think that there is an excuse for someone with a blog nowadays to not speak out about the ongoing war in Gaza. Sometimes I just don't wanna look at the headlines anymore, not because I don't care, but because everytime I see those horrible images of the innocent women and children being killed senselessly, tears well up in my eyes. A mixture of pity, grief, hopelessness and guilt engulfs me. Guilt because I feel so bad living in this peaceful country amidst all these luxuries and the prospect of a bright future ahead of me when my brothers and sisters over there are becoming victims of genocide (you can say what you want, its genocide alright). It also sickens me that the so-called "leaders" of these nations are meeting in perhaps a comfortable, air-conditioned room in Cairo to "discuss" about the war and hopefully come up with an understanding to push for ceasefire while in the meantime, innocent women and children are still being killed every second. While the protests and demonstrations going on around the world is admirable, it still doesn't stop the killing. I know that a show of protest is at least something, but just think about this for a second. If it was your wife and child being killed at this very moment by merciless murderers, and you have nothing but rocks and stones to defend yourself, how would you feel if all the rest of the world can do is hold up a couple of banners, shout insults at your enemy and at the most, burn down the Jewish flag? I don't know about you, but if it were me, I would be pissed. Really pissed.

Amidst all this horrors, I can't help but be proud of one individual. One amazing, selfless and brave individual who makes me proud to be of the female gender, and to a certain extent, proud to be a Malaysian. She has always been there where help is needed, be it during the 2004 tsunami, the Iraq War, and now, in Gaza. I agree wholeheartedly with Yasmin Ahmad, that she is the greatest Malaysian to have ever walked on the soil of this country. Dato' Dr. Jemilah Mahmood is an inspiration to us all, and she should be made a role model for all Malaysians. Frankly, I don't think enough credit is being given to her. Instead of worshipping someone like her, we Malaysians prefer to idolize people who don't deserve to be idolized, a clear example being one champion of an extremely lame reality show, whose recent extravagant wedding reception I consider very sinful during these tumultuous times. I also fully agree with her statement in The Star recently, she said that "all world leaders should be held accountable for everything that is happening in Gaza". She also said that the world leaders have failed the people of Gaza. This is extremely true, for we have not seen any immediate action taken by them to end the war. I quote a line from the movie Troy, "War is old men talking and young men dying". Dato' Dr. Jemilah deserves to be the first Malaysian to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

To me, the best thing that we onlookers of this war can do is pray. It doesn't matter what race or religion you believe in, just pray. Because in the end, we all know that God is the highest power and only He can put a complete stop to all this. All of us cannot be gifted with the courage that Dr. Jemilah has, so the best that we can do is pray and have faith in a higher power, have faith that hopefully He will show us the way to end this madness.

Though it spoils the mood of this post a bit, I said earlier on that I would explain my long absence from the blogging world. Well, it is due to Petrosains. I believe I did mention in one of my previous posts that I sent in the application form to be a volunteer there, and guess what? I got it! I had to go for an interview, of course (which required me to sing, unfortunately for those people who had to listen), and I just completed my 5 day orientation programme last week. So I'm due to start my On Job Training (OJT) next Tuesday. Only after that I will get my uniform and officially start work. To those still curious, its only called "volunteer" work. We do get a salary, or an "honororiam", as they prefer to call it at Petrosains. So all that has been keeping me busy lately, therefore I didn't have the time (or mood) to blog.

On another subject, I love Nigella Lawson. I love watching all her cooking shows! She not only looks gorgeous, her cooking is mouth-watering (literally, my mouth waters while watching her cook). She and Jamie Oliver are my favourite celebrity chefs, though I watch Jamie-O more for his interesting personality rather than his cooking skills, haha. But some of his cooking is good, I must say. I think Nigella deserves the title of "The Domestic Goddess", her skills are divine! Oh and I LOVE her cooking utensils too, they're so beautiful! Hehe. I love all her recipes, from the meals to the desserts (especially the desserts!). Maaann, I wish I could cook like her. Haha, dream on Aira. Nak tolong mummy masak petang-petang pun malas.

One event I'm currently looking forward to is Barack Obama's Inauguration Day next week. Bush has been around for way to long. America and the rest of the world is in a desperate need of change. I can't wait for his Inauguration not only because I admire him, but also bacause I am eager to see what action is he going to take regarding the war in Gaza. Not to say that I am expecting anything much, actually. He is still first and foremost, an American. I just hope against hope that he will at least not show such open support for Israel like Bush did, that at least he would show some sensitivity and sympathy for the victims. Or else he is just going to let our hopes down. Hope and Change that he himself promised America and the rest of the world during his long campaign. Please, don't let us down, Mr. Obama.

Before I end this post, just a reminder to myself and anyone else who cares to read this blog: Please don't forget to pray for the war victims in Gaza. Prayer and faith, the only weapons we have against such deadly, cruel and merciless enemies.

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