Friday, January 2, 2009

Hopes and Reflections

Its my first official post for 2009! I know its very late, but I just would like to wish everyone;

Happy New Year!
May 2009 bring you happiness, health, peace and success, and may God's graces be with all of you always!

Honestly, I can't believe its 2009 already. The year I would get my SPM results, the year I would start college, and the year I would (finally) turn 18. The age where I (supposedly) become legal. I know this sounds cliche and probably every other blog post in the world is saying this too, but it seems like only yesterday I became a fifth-former, like yesterday I became a Malay debater and like yesterday I took my SPM. Frankly, I can't wait to get my SPM results. So many months of anxiety and uncertainty is killing me. Mostly because I already have this vision in my head. This vision where everything goes according to (my) plan. I get my SPM results (this I am not brave enough to predict), I apply for scholarship (and in my "vision", I get the scholarship, of course), I go do my A-Levels at KYUEM, I pass A-Levels with flying colours, I do my Law degree in the UK (preferably King's College, Oxford is just too far off, even for my perfect vision). Its too perfect, right? That's why I can't wait to get my results, so that I am able to know whether all this planning and dreams that I have for myself can be realized or not. All this months of planning it in my head is starting to get more torturous than exciting.

I will not do a complete flashback on my uneventful life in 2008, mostly because I'm too lazy to do it, but I must say that 2008 certainly had its highlights (considering I just said I lived an "uneventful" life, I'm not very sure whether you would buy it when I say "highlights", but oh well). So here goes, my 2008 highlights:

1. Topping the list, without a doubt, is the IIUM Interschool Debating Championship. Who knew, who on earth would expect that a bunch of inexperienced debaters (Ainaa and I were first-timers), with little and last-minute preparation, could end up 8th out of 84 schools, becoming the one and only Sekolah Harian to ever break into the top 8, beat RMC at the octo-finals, and meet MCKK at the quarter-finals? Certainly not me. IIUM was a priceless experience for me, and it was the first time in my life that I shed tears of joy.

2. Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, a.k.a. SPM. Now I know you would think I'm insane for considering this as a "highlight" of my year, and you may think that I must live a really sad life to include SPM in my "highlight" list, but to me, yes, no matter how horrible it was, I do consider SPM as a highlight of my year. I always looked at SPM as the summation of 17 years of my life. Its like, after 17 years of living on this planet, this is it, the destination has arrived. The reason for 11 years of going to school and studying..the ticket to my next destination in life. Some papers were better than the others, and mostly I just don't dare to predict anything about my results because there were some papers which I knew I messed up. But the journey towards SPM is what I do remember for now. All the intense preparation, all the last-minute studying, how Cikgu Taufik, Mr. Jesu and Cikgu Amir prepared me to face Chemistry, Add Maths, Physics and Sejarah as if I'm going to war, and the tears I shed while saying thank you to all my teachers. I'll never forget Cikgu Taufik's words to me on the night before SPM:

"My dear students, achievement is not measured by how much you get, but how much you sacrifice to get what you want. Hard work without doa is meaningless and doa without hard work is like throwing yourself in fire. Good luck!"

And some of Cikgu Amir's words:

"Semoga Allah memberkati semua usaha Aira itu.."

SPM also made me realize that teachers are truly amazing, selfless, inspiring people. How they can sacrifice their own time for the benefit of their students never fails to impress me. And its beyond me how they can cope with the pressure of educating a whole generation of students to become someone they and their families can be proud of. And because of all that, I include SPM as one of my highlights for 2008.

3. My Egypt holiday! Need I say more? Read my last post. Haha. I miss the place so bad!

Well that's all. I told you I live an uneventful life. Haha. Oh yeah, I really hope the Jonas Brothers include Malaysia in their 2009 World Tour!! Please please please, I wanna go to their concert so so bad!

Have a great year everyone! :)

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