Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Scary Stuff

Reading Nadira's recent post reminded me of something: there is nothing else that I know I want to do in university besides Law. Is that a good or bad thing? I guess in a way its good because I have a clear idea of what I wanna do in my life right now, and I guess its bad because one should always have options, in case Law doesn't work out? Geez, I dunno. My favourite subjects in school were English, History, Chemistry and Literature in English, which I took as an extra subject. Note that Chemistry is the only Science subject included, because simply it was the only Science subject I like (I love it, actually), hence it was also the only Science subject I was ever good at. I found Chemistry far easier to understand compared to Physics and urgh, Biology, and also I think my cool Chemistry tuituon teacher, Cikgu Taufik, made the subject really fun and easy for me.

I was looking through this book called 'A-Z Explained Courses' which I got at one of our school's career fair thingys and found out that the only courses that interest me besides Law was English, History and Chemistry. Now here's the problem. I would absolutely love to do English or History, but my dad would never let me. You see, my dad is quite a money-minded person and he has always had a vision of his daughter working at a big law firm or becoming one of those hotshot corporate lawyers carrying a briefcase and having a company-sponsored chauffeur driving me to work. What else can you do with an English or History degree in Malaysia besides being a lecturer? My mum and I have no problems with that but my dad would never hear the end of it. I would also love to do Chemistry, but this poses even more problems. Firstly, to do a degree in Chemistry, I must first take Biology, Physics and also Mathematics (eeeww!) during my A-Levels, and there is no way in hell I am doing all those subjects again, 2 years of torture was enough to scar me for life. Secondly, again with the career path. I don't mind lecturing, but my dad, no way. In this case the first problem is bigger than the second one. So unfortunately, I've gotta rule out Chemistry. I miss the subject by the way, and also those fun times during tuituon with Zay, Low and Cikgu Taufik..

So in the end it leaves me with Law. Don't get me wrong, it has always been something that I really wanna do, its just..English, History and Chemistry do interest me as well. I guess my path towards doing a Law degree would include English and History because I will be taking English Literature and History for my A-Levels. But there is no way for Chemistry. Its different altogether, Law is an Arts and Chemistry is a Science. Hmmm.

On another topic, I submitted my Volunteer Application Form to Petrosains yesterday! Huhuhu. I really hope I get it since the very reason I refused to go for the A-Levels January intake was because I wanted to experience new things before I went off to college, and a job is one of them. I sent my resume to Kinokuniya as well, which is my dream place to work part-time by the way, the feeling of being around all those beautiful new books is indescribable. I sent it in more than a week ago I think, and sadly, until now, they haven't called me yet. Mummy tried to comfort me by saying maybe they have too many applicants for the job, and they employ on a first come first serve basis. I knew I should have sent it in earlier! I really wanna work there, everytime I walk by I would look at the place longingly and fantasize about how cool it would be to be able to work there :( Oh well, I hope I get the Petrosains position, it really isn't bad, its called volunteer work but you do get paid, and furthermore, you're allowed to choose what days you wanna work! Cool right? Huhu.

Everyone also seems to be going for their driving license lately. I really want mine too but I'm just terrified at the idea of driving a manual car with a total stranger breathing down my neck! I mean, how am I supposed to practise? All the cars at home are automatic, and they look so easy to drive! Start the car, naikkan handbreak, tekan minyak, and drive! Whereas a manual car needs so much thinking! My dad keeps on trying to teach me:

"Bila start kereta je tekan clutch and masuk gear 1, bila you rasa kereta dah steady sikit tekan clutch masuk gear 2, bila dah steady lagi tekan clutch masuk pulak gear 3. Bila nak slow down masuk balik gear 2. Jangan lupa tekan clutch everytime nak tukar gear. Gear 1 tu only bila start kereta and nak stop bila dah habis."

The whole time I was like "Banyak betul benda nak pikir! Tekan clutch lah, tukar gear lah, aaaahh!", and my dad would say "Hey, your Physics and Addmaths tu lagi susah daripada bawak kereta eh, bawak kereta senang je!" and I'm like "Kereta auto senang lah, ni manual!" then my mum, always backing me up, would say "At least Addmaths and Physics tu takdela mati serta-merta kalau tak pass, kan. Ni bawak kereta, lupa tekan clutch ke tukar gear ke, haaa mati terus," Hahahaha spot on mummy! I really need to go back to Klang and practise driving using my aunt's manual Wira Aeroback before I have any hope of driving at all. Sigh.

Wow I think this is my longest post so far. I doubt you even had the patience to read all of it. Haha.


Puteri Sepi said...

OMG! awk kata chemistry tu senang nak faham? please! fenin fenin fenin... physics ngn bio lagi simple dari chemistry :(

btw, thank god! my mom ade kereta auto, while my dad laks ade keta manual. so, seimbang! hahaha :-*

Aira Nur Ariana said...

eh eh chem la best and senang! hehe and cikgu chem kita best mcm cikgu physics awk kan ;)

alaa nak driiivee! tp tak reti! hahaha!