Friday, December 12, 2008

A Night to Remember

Since my last post was just pictures from the prom, I figured I should say something about the event too, because it was truly nice and memorable, huhu :)

If I seemed awkward in the dress I was wearing, was because that night was the first time in like, 11 years since I last wore a dress. Seriously. Haha. So I was kinda (ok, really) nervous about putting it on since I was afraid I was gonna look like a freak or something, and thank God, it turned out pretty okay. Haha. My initial attempt of putting on a hairband in an effort to do something with my boring hair didn't work out though, since the stupid hairband was starting to gimme a serious headache halfway through. I thought I wanted to tahan until the end of the night, but my friends were like "Cabut je la Aira!", haha. Oh well, it could've been worse, right? I mean, I could've tripped and fell since I was wearing heels, and I could even have spilled food on my dress, which I do very often, as a matter of fact. All in all, I was quite pleased with myself :)

The event itself was nice..the food was great, it certainly satisfied my rumbling stomach since we were allowed to eat only at 9 pm. It wasn't a lavish extravaganza like what you see in those American tv shows, but hey, they're called tv shows for a reason right? I guess my real-life prom experience was pretty good, at the end of the night I realized what mattered the most was the people I was with, my dearest friends :) Each of them looked great by the way, I think everyone noticed in the pictures at my last post how Dan, Bazil and Rifdi turned up with the same shirt and tie, and it still amazes me how guys can get away with wearing the same thing to prom! I can't even begin to imagine the chaos that would ensue if two girls turned up to prom wearing the same dress, let alone three!! I guess boys have it so much easier for them huh. Its so unfair.

Ooohh and I was also very proud because I voted for Zayana to win the best dressed award, and she won! Huhu she deserved it because she really looked great :)

I guess it was a night we will all remember forever, do take care and keep in touch everyone!

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