Friday, December 5, 2008

Jonas Fever

My Jonas mania is back! It sort of hibernated for a while during SPM, but now it has awakened, fresh and ready to go. Hahahaha. I think they're like the first band that I really got passionate about, I bought their album and I have like, 3 posters of them on my bedroom wall. That has never happened to me before. I love them, everything about them. Their clean-cut image especially. The music industry is already too full with pill-popping drug addict alcoholic homosexual sex-maniac freakos that the Brothers are truly a breath of fresh air. Isn't it nice to see that it is possible to be famous in Hollywood, have psycho screaming teenage girls after you, and yet still maintain a down-to-earth, family-oriented, and most importantly, chaste image? I think they set a good example to those freakos in showbiz right now, who mostly are a lot older than them, in fact. They also set a good example to those who are just starting to go into this showbiz thing, how they should behave, and how its possible to be famous yet still maintain good morals and have strong family ties. Huhu.

When are they coming to Malaysia?? I WILL NOT miss their concert for the world. Seriously.

And to further emphasise on how much I love them, I wrote about them for my essay for the SPM trials. Hahaha, I thought it was hilarious actually, and was kinda embarassed that Nabil read it, but whaddaheck, Pn. Mohanah liked it and I even got an A band for it! I will of course not go into details about what I wrote here, its too funny, haha.

Oh and have you seen how they look? They're adorable and hot at the same time. I love their style, that sort of preppy, somewhat vintage, old school thing, its so cool, and I hate to see some Malay guys in Malaysia trying so hard to copy that "Jonas look", you know, skinny jeans, cardigan and tie, along with the scarf, I mean, you gotta look like the Brothers to pull it off man. No offense, but it just doesn't work on you. It doesn't. Full stop. And it looks even sillier in our humid weather. I've yet to see a Malay guy who can copy their style and look good while doing it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh..nak jumpe Jonas Brothers!!!!!

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